Sustainable Aviation Fuel at Heathrow

Sustainable aviation fuel, made using biomass or recycled carbon, is a vital element for an imminent response to the challenge of decarbonisation. Such fuels are already in production (some certified for use in aviation as early as 2009) with the industry growing in recent years; Heathrow, as a member of Sustainable Aviation, is at the forefront of this sector’s growth.

Modelling commissioned by Sustainable Aviation suggests that an increase in the UK’s sustainable aviation fuel production could save between 1.2 and 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 in 2035 (compared to no sustainable aviation fuel being produced). These environmental benefits are clear, but the manufacture of such fuels also presents a range of economic benefits across the UK. The modelling indicates that 14 sustainable aviation fuel plants could add £2.7 billion Gross Value Added to the UK by 2035, building on regions’ existing infrastructure and skills while creating over 5000 new jobs in sustainable aviation fuel. The benefits to local areas could be considerable; for example a green hydrogen cluster in Teesside could bring up to £162 million a year to the area, along with over 1000 jobs.

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