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The Covid Recovery Commission will produce bold and practical policy recommendations aimed at ensuring that the UK economy emerges stronger, fairer and more resilient post-crisis. Our research team will consider what impact the pandemic has had on the UK’s levelling up agenda and make recommendations to support higher productivity levels, encourage business investment right across the UK (domestic and foreign) and promote a culture of innovation over the next five years and beyond.

The Commission has released two short papers, ‘Levelling Up Communities’ and ‘Building Back Together: A new partnership’ which set the context for the Commission’s final report detailing policy recommendations due in the coming months. The papers set out the challenges in the below areas.

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Assessing the challenges faced by local communities, individuals and families prior to Covid-19 and how these have been impacted by the pandemic.

Building back together

This paper examines the role of business in addressing the underlying issues outlined in the first paper and in helping us to build back better and deliver a stronger, fairer, more resilient economy.

Ambition 2030

This final report builds on the findings of the previous two papers, and presents the need for a new National Prosperity Plan, which will deliver for everyone in the UK.

We have had incredibly helpful contributions, not just from our commissioners, but from individuals and organisations across the country. Read more about our contributors here.

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The Covid Recovery Commission’s work is now finished. The Secretariat was provided by WPI Strategy and the analysis conducted by WPI Economics. If you would like to find out more about their work please contact Nick@wpi-strategy.com or Matthew@wpieconomics.com