The CCUS: building consensus on Climate Change

This body reviews and advises on progress against the Government’s priorities in CCUS as set out in the Clean Growth Strategy, which involves deploying CCUS in the UK at scale from the mid 2020s through to the 2030s. The three priority areas are:

  • The development of sustainable business models – including removing the barriers to companies utilising the CCS infrastructure fund.
  • Advising on policies and institutional arrangements that support deployment of CCUS in regional industrial clusters.
  • Developing supply chains to maximise the quality and time/cost effectiveness of CCSU project delivery.

The Council is co-chaired by Government and the former chair of the Carbon Trust, but also carries industry representation from companies such as Shell, project financers Societe Generale, and key local stakeholders in the form of the Tees Valley Local Enterprise Partnership.

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The Commission's Secretariat is provided by WPI Strategy and the analysis conducted by WPI Economics. We are keen to hear from a diverse range of stakeholders. If you would like to contribute, please use the contact us form.